The Electric vehicle charging industry

The EV Charging industry has always been at the center of technological innovation and an undeniable part of modern automobile industry. We believe the global market is on the edge of internal combustion engine ban. We have the opportunity to make our planet greener. Energzine ready with most advance blockchain enabled EV charging stations. Energzine not only manufacture EV charging but also bring the most cost effective electricity through modern energy trading platform.

Token Distribution

Private Sale




Frenchisee Allocation










Air Drop


Token Sale Bonus and Price

50% Bonus during PRE-ICO Sale

10% Refferal Bonus

1% Daily Bonus Decrease in Token from 1st May-2018

Initial Token Sale Main Events

PRE ICO Sale 18th April 2018

Public ICO Sale 1 May 2018

Public Sale Ends 19 June 2018

  • Incorporated in Malta.

     January 2017

  • Received $2Mn form Miseria Capital.

     January 2017

  • Idea of opening ChargeBee® Franchise worldwide.

     June 2017

  • Development of EcoTech® Blockchain enabled energy trading platform started.

     August 2017

  • First Blockchain enabled EV Charging station conceptualized.

     October 2017

  • Board of Advisor approved the ICO Plan.

     December 2017

  • Private Sale initiated.

     Feb 2018

  • Private Sale ends with $500,000 Collection.

     15th March 2018

  • Beginning of PRE-ICO Sale.

     18th April 2018

  • PRE-ICO Ends.

     28th April 2018

  • Ask Me Anything Live.

     29th & 30th April 2018

  • Main ICO Sale Starts.

     1st May 2018

  • Main ICO Sale Ends.

     19th June 2018

  • Exchange Listing.

     July 2018 to August 2018

  • Burning of unsold Tokens.

     September 2018

  • Air Drop.

     October 2018

  • Allotment of ChargeBEE® Franchisees.

     December 2018

ENZ Token is an ERC20 digital cryptographic utility token issued by Energzine Integrated Energy Solutions, using blockchain technology that gives access to the services provided on the EcoTech® Platform Software and the ChargeBEE® EV charging Franchise.
The EcoTech® Platform Software is a blockchain based decentralized platform for Peer to Peer direct energy trading between consumers and energy producers worldwide. EcoTech® platform is the platform where users (and Energzine clients) can log in and trade (buy; sell) with ChargeBEE® EV charging station energy directly P2P (peer-to-peer), in a decentralized and easy to use manner.
The Energzine ChargeBEE® Franchise is the first EV Charging station franchise that makes it simple and easy to start and operate your own EV Charging Station. It Allows token holders to develop its own business and earn revenues by Charging Electric vehicle and Fleets.
Yes, all tokens will be generated while Smart contract is created.
Unsold tokens will be burned.
You will get energy and profit from running the franchise business.
Yes! On the first-come first-served principle, if the area isn’t reserved already.
It will be reserved on basis First-come first-served principle. We request interested candidates to mail us for prior reservation
We are already in discussion with some of the leading exchanges. News will be released soon after completion of SALE.
Project has 500,000 $USD softcap. And We have already achived the softcap during the private sale.
Smart Contract
Executive Team members

Melvin Peters

CEO & Co-Founder

Having 20 years of experience in Energy business. An EV enthusiast. He looks after expansion, accounts and manufacturing division

Anthony De'lucca

CTO & Co-Founder

Anthony has earned PhD in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. He has registed more than 10 patents. He looks after R&D division. He has traveled more than 40 countries.

Kevin Rosario


He has more than 15 years of experiance in handling large accounts. He is looking after financial matters of the company.

Dr. V.Suthar

Director - R&D

Suthar has done PhD from University of Berlin and carried our fantastic work in the segment of Wireless charging frame work.

Ashok Rathod

Director EcoTech(R) platform

Ashok has brilliant hold in blockchain development. Currently he is focused on development of Blockchain enabled EV charging stations.

Dorin Pamar

Sr. Consultant - Environment

Dorin is a graduate of University of Toronto from Canada and he help Energzine in reducing carbon foot print across the business.

Ross Darwin

Vice President - Franchisee Business

She is multi-talented personality with experiance of 10 years in franchisee business. She has opened more than 200 retail outlets for some the world's more tursted brands.

Pravesh Victor

Financial Advisor

Pravesh is by heart finance Personality and currently focused on profitability of the business and development of ChargeBEE(R) Franchisee.

Sunny Macwan

Sr. Advisor - Technology

He is a blockchain expert and having more than 12 years of experience in soft-ware industry. He is chief advisor in EcoTech(R) platform development team.

Raj Sarvaiya


Raj is Software Developer and has very good hold on block chain technology. He assist in connecting all EV charging station with blockchain technology

Vidhi Sabharwal

Sr. Advisor - Business

Vidhi has 7 years of experience in data driven analytics. She is helping Energzine to select most convenient and profitable franchisee locations.